Suite Holder and Administrator

We encourage suite holders to appoint one person as the administrator to place all food orders and handle communications. This suite administrator should be responsible for communicating to suite guests and co-owners (if applicable). We also suggest the administrator appoint a game day contact for the catering staff if any questions may arise. 

Advance Ordering Information

All event orders should be placed a week prior to your event to ensure item availability and the utmost in presentation, service and quality for our guests. Orders may be placed by telephone, fax, on-line, or e-mail. To facilitate ordering, we offer on-line ordering and we also provide advance order forms. 

This information is available at: www.catering.msu.edu/athleticcatering

                 To order by telephone, please call: 517-432-7071

                To order by fax: 517-432-7072

                To order by e-mail, please send to: catering@rhs.msu.edu

On fax orders, please provide your name and a phone number where we may reach you to confirm the order. Please specify the suite number, holder or company name, and the date & time of the game for which you are placing the order.


There may be times when it is necessary to cancel an order, you will not be charged for cancelled orders if you contact Kellogg Catering to cancel at least 24 business hours prior to the event. Orders cancelled less than 24 business hours in advance may be subject to full charges. Special orders cannot be cancelled without a charge.

Menu Delivery

You may schedule your food to arrive anytime based on your groups needs.  Additional items may be ordered off the game day menu during an event.  Your suite server will periodically visit your suite during the event to refresh supplies and attend to your service requests.

Ordering Additional Items

If you find that you need items in addition to those you have pre-ordered, please see our Game Day Menu located in the back of this menu for a list of selections available to you. Please allow one hour for delivery of these items. All items must be ordered before halftime.

Service Charge and Sales Tax

An applicable service charge as well as a Michigan Sales tax of 6% will be added to all food and beverage charges.


Should you choose to reward your suite server with a service gratuity, you may do so on a cash basis with that server.

Arrangements for Payment

For ease of billing, we require a University account, an approved direct billed account, or a credit card number.  If your organization would like to establish billing privileges, please contact us for the appropriate paperwork.  Direct Billing Applications take at least 14 days to process.

Special Services

We offer our assistance for all your entertaining needs, including: decorated cakes, suite decorations, and flowers. Please contact us if your group has any special needs.