Alcohol Policy

Michigan State University

Spartan Stadium Alcohol Service Policies and Procedures

Alcohol Service Procedures

  1. Alcohol sales will start two hours prior to kick-off and will end at the beginning of the third quarter (end of half time).  Alcohol may be ordered prior to the game with your catering representative, from the suite, or guests may purchase alcohol at the cash bar in the lobby on Level 7.
  2. Beer and wine may be ordered for delivery during the designated game service hours.  One individual drink per person or up to two bottles of wine may be delivered to the suite per order.
  3. A catering server will be assigned to your suite to handle your beverage orders. If any needs arise, please dial extension 113 to reach our service staff.


Alcohol Service Policies

  1. No off-premise alcohol is to be brought into the Stadium.  MSU Police will enforce the Stadium alcohol policies and procedures.
  2. No alcohol may be consumed in bottles or cans. All alcohol must be poured and consumed in the cups provided in the suites.
  3. The catering staff is required to collect all unopened beer and wine at the end of the third quarter.  Alcohol sales will be computed and a billing statement will be prepared and presented to the suite holder by the end of the game.  This procedure complies with the alcohol license requirements and university policies.
  4. MSU staff reserves the right to check for proper identification and refuse service to persons who appear obviously intoxicated.
  5. Each suite holder shall be responsible for prohibiting underage persons and obviously intoxicated individuals from consuming alcoholic beverages in their suite.

Suite holders may forfeit the rights to their suite if alcohol violations occur.